How can I get Mochi Donuts?

We accept orders through our website, walk-ins and we are on UberEats. We accept orders throughout the day.

Where can I get Isabella’s Mochi Donuts?

Currently, we have 2 locations:
Beaches location: 2066 Queen St East
Downtown location: 4 St Patrick Street

We have partnered with a lot of amazing businesses across the GTA. We suggest that you check in with these places and pre-order through them.

Here is the updated list and days the mochi donuts available:

  • Scarborough- Pretty Fly Studio  (Fridays-Saturdays)
  • Markham- Oishiii Sweets  (Fridays-Sundays)

What are your hours like?

Both of our locations are open Wednesday-Sunday, 11am to 5pm. Beaches kitchen closes at 3 pm for Food orders.

When can I get Food that is on your Menu?

For now, it is only available at the Beaches location 11am-3pm.

How can I store my leftover Mochi Donuts?

Although, we recommend that you serve your mochi donuts on the day they were made. To keep them fresh longer, transfer them into an airtight container and keep at room temperature.

How long do they keep for?

BEST for the first 12 hours, transfer them into an airtight container and keep at room temperature. Good for 36 hours.

How often do you change your flavours?

We change our flavours weekly. We rotate hundreds of flavours.

Are the mochi donuts peanut/nut-free?

Our Flavours change weekly, yes, some flavours have nuts or peanuts in them. 

Are the mochi donuts gluten-free?

They are not.

Are the mochi donuts vegan?

No, they’re not. They have eggs and dairy.